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Settling in Date: May 8th @ 4:52am EDT
Move - check
Stripper pole- not checked

I have my play room cleaned up in the sense I unpacked my boxes. I apologize to anyone whose had to see me jiggling on a mattress on the floor lately. I just moved and have tried to set the room up as quick as possible. Still eyeing my stripper pole!
Any help toward setting up my play room is much appreciated.
This week I am going to have to test out sexy phone calls because I am limited on private requests. Wish me luck!
Ghosts Say Boo! Date: Apr 29th @ 12:47pm EDT
I apologize for not being able to see everyone the past couple weeks. I was so busy moving and getting my new place set up it was crazy and exhausting. To make life even crazier I went to a massive Jeep event. I roughed it out a couple nights with a special mattress in the back of my jeep, drove her through beaches and some crazy off roading courses.

I will more consistent now that I am mostly unpacked and slowly working on getting a cute space together for all of us to have fun in.

I look forward to spending more time with everyone. You can hang out with me starting this week at nighttime (EST), schedule special shows, message me for special content, and more.
Rough Week Date: Apr 5th @ 12:58am EDT
Happy Belated Bunny Day Everyone!!!!

I apologize for being so unreliable. I am preoccupied with packing/moving for the next couple weeks. To make things even crazier my app keeps crashing with c2c! I was so heartbroken over it tonight, I gave up. I might just cave and buy a new laptop tomorrow as well as a nice webcam.

I can't wait to show you my new "office" later on this month. I will have a new set up...including a stripper pole!

Don't give up on me yet, I promise I won't be bootleg for much longer my loves!

Sweet Dreams xxx
Out of Retirement Date: Mar 19th @ 11:12am EDT
Due to medical reasons, I had to take a break for a while. I have been spending my downtime traveling, working on a healthier lifestyle, visiting museums, studying art, and much more! I am happy to announce I will be back on shows now! I am excited to get back to chatting with all my sexy friends.

Since my last show, my hair has gotten longer and darker. I also am sporting some crazy tan lines.

Hope to see you all this week on my broadcasts. xoxo
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